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To create real transformation in Africa will require ingenuity, creativity and innovation. This is why we are building a scalable ecosystem in the area of STEM & Digital Skills Education. Through our various subsidiaries and projects, we are ensuring every stakeholder in this grand dream of building a new Africa is on-boarded.

Our Subsidiaries

A platform for that seeks to democratize knowledge & digital skills, as a means to equip young Africans for the quickly advancing digital world.
STEMLead is an educator recruitment platform that promotes the advancement of STEM education while providing value for schools & educators.
STEAM7 is an innovative model to advance Energy & Environmental sustainability in schools; through curriculums based on STEM & Digital Skill Education.

Our Projects & Activities


An after-school computer science club designed to help & mentor students as they develop skills in coding, robotics, animation and digital skills in general. The program is run by the alumni (set of 92) DSC Technical High School in partnership with LearnHub.Africa.

IMPACT: 500+ Students trained

LearnHub.Africa Digital Foundation Manual

A learning resource that has been specially designed to help more Africans develop digital skills. The LearnHub.Africa Digital Foundation Manual is uniquely designed to be practical & easy to understand. It provides step by step guides with illustrations that users can easily follow through. It is a learning resource designed for Africans in the African way.

Goal: Distribute 1,000,000 Copies